A large-scale tea plantation in the heart of Chiran
In recent years, Chiran tea has become one of Japan's top three premium teas. The town of Chiran in Minamikyushu City has become known around the world and near the center of the city is where Chiran Chuo Seicha locates. At 150m in altitude, this family-owned farm holds a 21-hectare tea plantation that grows seven different varieties. Its features are high quality and a large-scale production system. In the factory with a 200 kg production line, tea-making machines line in an orderly manner, and surprisingly it is so clean that you cannot find even one piece of tea dust.


Quit company and newly started tea manufacturing company
Mr. Ueno, the company representative, says that his mother's parents' house originally was a tea producer. After finishing school, he became a business person working for a company, but he quit and started walking as a tea farmer. For twenty-five years after that, Ueno worked on making tea straightforwardly and built the current large-scale production system. He continues new challenges, for example, manufacturing Moga tea (unrolled Sencha) in response to the growing demand for powdered tea in recent years.

栽培品種– Available varieties –

やぶきた Yabukita / ゆたかみどり Yutaka Midori / さえみどり Saemidori / あさつゆ Asatsuyu / おくみどり Okumidori / さきみどり Sakimidori / あさのか Asanoka

製造可能茶種– Production types –

深蒸し茶 Fukamushi Sencha / 番茶 Bancha / 秋冬番茶 Akibancha / モガ茶 Mogacha

所在地– Location –

1537 – 3 Nagasato, Chiran-cho, Minamikyushu-city, Kagoshima