Bringing high-quality tea produced by the harsh environment of "Taniba" to the world
Ei Town, Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is the region that boasts the largest production of tea in Kagoshima, but in a word, there are various districts and there are differences in tea. The "Taniba district" where Shimokubo Isao Seicha stands is a hilly area located at an altitude of 250 m, and while strong sunlight mercilessly falls in the summer, it snows almost every year with minus degrees in the winter and the temperature difference is so great. Therefore, the tea produced in this area has exceptional quality and has been highly evaluated nationwide. Shimokubo family has been making tea here for three generations.


A technique devised to make strong tea plants - Selective pruning
When you step into Mr. Shimokubo's field, you will be amazed at the strength of each tea tree. The trunk is thick, and the leaves are firm and dark green. One of its sources is the soil, which is flexible like a soft spring. They frequently perform soil diagnosis, and spend time creating high-quality soil with original fertilizers such as rice bran. Another unique technique is the “selective pruning”. In a normal tea garden, the branches of tea trees are trimmed to a large size once every 3 to 5 years. At Mr. Shimokubo's tea gardens, they select branches about 15 cm above the ground and cuts them off, so that each remaining branch grows vigorously.

栽培品種– Available varieties –

ゆたかみどり Yutaka Midori / さえみどり Saemidori / あさつゆ Asatsuyu / やぶきた Yabukita / あさのか Asanoka / はるもえぎ Harumoegi / つゆひかり Tsuyuhikari / CA278  / おくゆたか Okuyutaka / かなやみどり Kanaya Midori / おくみどり Okumidori / さやまかおり Sayama Kaori / しゅんめい Shunmei / はると Haruto / なんめい Nanmei / せいめい Seimei / 茂2号 Shigeru No.2 /

製造可能茶種– Production types –

有機深蒸し茶 Organic Fukamushi Sencha / 有機煎茶 Organic Sencha / 有機番茶 Organic Bancha / 有機秋冬番茶 Organic Akibancha /

所在地– Location –

14962 Makinouchi, Ei-cho, Minamikyusyu-city, Kagoshima