30 years of organic farming, exploring the tea with unique ideas and techniques.
Ijuin, Hioki City is located in the northern part of Kagoshima City. This area holds many mountains and not very suitable for large-scale agriculture, but the temperature difference is large and there are few adjacent farms. Kasugaen has been running organic tea farms for 30 years in this area. Founded in his father's generation, partly due to the influence of his grandfather, who was originally a tea technician. Currently, the second generation, Mr. Itaru, is playing a central role in making not only ordinary green tea but also black tea and oolong tea that require a fermentation processes.


Aiming to increase the added value of late plucking with fermented tea
The first harvest in early spring is considered to be the highest quality and traded at a high price, while the second and third plucking, which are difficult to harvest due to the rainy season, heat, and pests, are generally traded at less than half the price of the first harvest. Mr. Kawaji was skeptical about it, and is taking the challenge of developing fermented teas to increase the added value of summer picking tea. Benifuki black tea, and Oolong tea based on green tea varieties are their early developments. Recently they are challenging producing the teas that are rarely made in Japan, such as white tea. Kasugaen's strengths are its technological capabilities and light footwork that can produce a variety of teas according to customer requests.

栽培品種– Available varieties –

やぶきた Yabukita / さえみどり Saemidori / あさのか Asanoka / ゆたかみどり Yutaka Midori / べにふうき Benifuuki / おくゆたか Okuyutaka / はるのなごり Harunonagori / あさつゆ Asatsuyu / するがわせ Surugawase / さえあかり Saeakari / ふうしゅん Fuushun / つゆひかり Tsuyuhikari

製造可能茶種– Production types –

有機深蒸し茶 Organic Fukamushi Sencha / 有機煎茶 Organic Sencha (Futsumushi) / 有機番茶 Organic Bancha / 有機秋冬番茶 Organic Akibancha / 有機ほうじ茶 Organic Houjicha / 有機萎凋香緑茶 Organic Withered Green Tea / 有機紅茶 Organic Black Tea / 有機白茶 Organic White Tea / 有機ウーロン茶 Organic Oolong Tea

所在地– Location –

414 Nakagawa, Ijuin-cho, Hioki-city, Kagoshima