Inheriting the tradition of Kagoshima tea masters from ancient times
Minami-Satsuma City, Kimpo. This place is the birthplace of tea making in Kagoshima, and still the technical center of Kagoshima tea and has produced many technical tea instructors since ancient times. The Komaki family, who have been making tea for 50 years in this place, were initially running a local pharmacy. Besides the medical business, they continued their tea-making research, and later the family was divided into medical doctors and tea farmers. The current Komaki brothers are the third generation. From about 12 hectares of tea gardens, they continue to make the highest quality tea that wins awards every year in domestic and international.


The ultimate in high-quality tea that brothers continue to challenge.
The brothers are very quality conscious. Approximately 40% of the fields are organically grown, but they repeat trial and error every year, aiming for the highest quality, even for organic tea. Recently, they are working on new types of tea that can meet new demands from customers, such as organic Gyokuro, Moga tea, and withered green tea. "We want to deliver the tea that we think is superior to the customers who understand it." With the growing popularity of Japanese tea overseas, the Komaki brothers are becoming more and more motivated to take on the challenge.

栽培品種– Available varieties –

やぶきた Yabukita / さえみどり Saemidori / あさつゆ Asatsuyu / あさのか Asanoka / ゆたかみどり Yutaka Midori / つゆひかり Tsuyuhikari / さえあかり Saeakari / べにふうき Benifuuki / おくゆたか Okuyutaka

製造可能茶種– Production types –

有機深蒸し茶 Organic Fukamushi Sencha / 有機煎茶 Organic Sencha (Futsumushi) / 有機番茶 Organic Bancha / 有機秋冬番茶 Organic Akibancha / 有機萎凋香緑茶 Organic Withered Green Tea / 有機玉露 Organic Gyokuro / 有機モガ茶 Organic Mogacha

所在地– Location –

3724 Ohno, Kimpo-cho, Minami-Satsuma-city, Kagoshima