Hand-crafted tea from Satoyama landscape rich in nature
Located in the mountainous area of 265m above sea level in northern Kagoshima prefecture, Satsuma-Cho holds abundant Satoyama scenery. It has been almost 60 years since the Kumada family started making tea here. Taking advantage of the characteristics suitable for organic farming because there are few adjacent gardens, the family organically manages the entire 7.3-hectare field. Kumada is making small-scale tea with three family members. At the shared tea factory with relative farmers, rarely-seen classic machines move rhythmically, telling us that it is a tea factory with more human hands like good old times.


A new way of tea to open up with Benifuuki
Kumada family mainly produces organic Sencha throughout the year, but they have been working on organic black tea for about nine years. As a result of experiments on the variety called Benifuuki, they developed fermented black tea instead of green tea. They use unique techniques to make Japanese black tea with a refreshing and fragrant taste, such as remodeling the machine to improve fermentation efficiency.

栽培品種– Available varieties –

やぶきた Yabukita / さえみどり Saemidori / あさつゆ Asatsuyu / おくみどり Okumidori / おくゆたか Okuyutaka / べにふうき Benifuuki

製造可能茶種– Production types –

有機煎茶 Organic Sencha (Futsumushi) / 有機紅茶 Organic Black Tea / 有機番茶 Organic Bancha / 有機秋冬番茶 Organic Akibancha

所在地– Location –

9551 Gumyo, Satsuma-cho, Satsuma County, Kagoshima